Does Being Grateful for Gratitude Count? (Let’s Go Meta)

Latest little journaling exercise in The Postive Journal is all about gratitude. What am I grateful for? The first thing that came into my mind was gratitude.

I’m grateful for gratitude.

Does that count? It does! Gratitude is one of the most powerful mindsets available to anyone; a near miracle. Gratitude heals, empowers and happifies in one fell swoop.

So, for one, I am grateful for gratitude.

Two. I’m grateful for understanding that I am grateful for gratitude. Going meta or even meta-meta is a sign of intelligence (or so I like to tell myself. The risk here is to come off sounding like a self-absorbed, self-aggrandizing schmuck).

I might be that.

But I sincerely am grateful for being able to go meta.

Entering the context of contexts is a special place. It’s fun and intriguing and I love it! It counts.

Three. I’m both grateful for gratitude and grateful that I’m capable of being grateful for gratitude. And now, I am grateful that absurdity is often humorous because if it were painful, I’d be howling.

When you go too far into meta, life becomes absurd and, for my part, I just laugh. That’s it for today – gratitude journaling done!

This entry reminds me of an article about enlightenment at the iNLP Center called 17 Hard Truths Only the Enlightened Understand.