We Need to Change our Entire Approach to Problems

Problems are inevitable and so it humanity’s immature response to them.

Most people seem to react to problems with one of two tactics:

  1. Blame
  2. Complain

Blaming and complaining do nothing constructive. When you blame, you seek to tear others down. (Blaming is different than holding someone accountable). When you complain, you tear yourself down.

“Why me?” only suggests something is wrong with you when you have a problem. There is nothing wrong with you unless you consider being an average human being “wrong.” Why not take an approach that makes you feel better about yourself?

You’re┬ánot special just because you have a problem. You’re not so special that life should shield you from problems. That’s good news. Thinking you’re so special will only lead to disappointment – and put you at odds with life. And life will win that battle.

Take a different approach…

When you encounter a problem:

  1. Center yourself
  2. Accept the problem without complaining
  3. Take responsibility for your part
  4. Assess what, if anything, you can do about it
  5. Take action
  6. Let go

Nothing terribly complicated here. The six steps are simple enough for any child to understand. Doing them is another matter. Can we be so mature?

It’s unlikely. How many people do you know that follow the above protocol?

The world is waiting…

Blame leads to suspicion, conflict, mistrust, collusion, conspiracy, and war. Complaining leads to blame, often self-blame, and self-victimization – powerlessness and fear.

Complaining and blame keep the world locked in power struggles and self-justifying actions. The world we live in today would be totally transformed if we did nothing other than give up these two dysfunctions.